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Osbert (1892-1969)
Always remembered for his five volume autobiography referred to by the title of the first volume "Left Hand Right Hand!" published in 1945. Born in London on 7th December 1892 where his father was the sitting MP for Scarborough, Osbert would become the 5th Baronet in 1943.
The boyhood of Osbert, first as his mother's favourite and secondly under the care of his governess Miss King-Church and his nurse Davis was as placid as Edith's was turbulent. However schooling in Scarborough, and more particularly at Eton, showed that Lady Ida was rather uncaring as she failed to answer anxious letters. Whilst serving as an officer in France during the First World War, he was recalled to defend himself against allegations made by his mother as she was embroiled in a case involving a fraudster called Field. Having been heavily in debt her fall was accompanied by a three month sentence in Holloway.
Osbert's charm and manners were honed by a number of aunts in Scarborough, and by the careful attentions of a Miss Lloyd, a cultured musician and ceramicist who steered Osbert into local social contacts. In later life this polish was to give him social access in London which paved the way for his siblings. He never married and from 1928 to 1964 was in the constant company of a David Horner, a man whose ancestry encompassed "Little Jack Horner". Osbert inherited Montegufoni, the Italian castle near Florence and, apart from summers at Renishaw, it was his home.

Osbert's decline from Parkinson's Disease, apparent from 1949, was marred further by his rifts with Sacheverell and David Horner. He shared Edith's acclaim in America, but posthumously his will was a bitter blow to his younger brother. He died on 4th May 1969 but Scarborough was remembered to the end because Osbert's ashes are interred along with his first book "Before the Bombardment" in the Protestant cemetery in Florence.